DS18 DX2 Kevlar 6.5Ó 2 Way Premium Quality Car Component Speaker System 460 Watts 4-Ohm

DS18 DX2 Kevlar 6.5Ó 2 Way Premium Quality Car Component Speaker System 460 Watts 4-Ohm

DS18 DX2 Kevlar 6.5Ó 2 Way Premium Quality Car Component Speaker System 460 Watts 4-Ohm

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DELUXE DX 6.5" 2- Way Sound Quality Component Speaker System 460 Watts 4-Ohm

DS18 has an amazing line of component sets that are sure to leave you with goosebumps when you hear the full and rich sound they produce.The DX2 Silver line has been developed with the greatest care and over engineered to give you the highest quality along with strength that will last ages.
This set comes with the DX2W which is the 6.5 inch woofer, the DX2T 1.18" tweeter, and passive two way crossover.The woofer comes with a sturdy carbon fiber cone and beautiful machined basket that will play clear low end music 50hz and up to 12khz with a 4 ohm impedance.To accompany that, the tweeter will fill the gap with Crisp and clear highs so you have a complete range of frequencies and boost overall sound quality, also at 4 ohms.The final piece of this HQ SQ component set is the included 2 way passive crossover. This crossover accurately separates wattage and frequencies for your component set and will ensure long lasting and great sounding experiences. The TW ATT options give you a selection of 0DB, 2DB, and 4DB loudness options at 12db/oct.
To be sure if you are looking for a high sound quality experience the DS18 DX2 is in your best interests!


DX2W 6.5 inch woofer which handles 100w AES. Featuring a carbon fiber cone, machined basket, and high quality terminals.

DX2T high fidelity tweeter that is easy to mount and will complete your HQ full range experience.

DX2C 2 way passive crossover with multiple DB selections so you can be sure to get distortion free HQ sound accurately routed to the proper speaker with ease.


Nominal Diameter 6.5
Nominal Impedance 4 OHMS
Peak Power Handling 400W
Program Power Handling 200W
AES Power Handling 100W
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 89 dB
Frequency Response 50hz-12KHz
Recommended HI Pass Crossover 45 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter 1.2/30.5 mm
Voice Coil Former Material TIL
Winding Material SV
Cone Material Carbon Fiber
Surround Materia Rubber Edge
Basket Materia Aluminum
Magnet Materia Ferrite
Magnet Weight 20.2 oz
Overall Diameter 6.49/165 mm
Front Mount Baffle Cutout 5.59/142 mm
Mounting Depth 2.85/72.5 mm
Overall Depth 3.05/77.5mm
Motor Diameter 3.9/100mm


Nominal Diameter 1.18
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Peak Power Handling 60 Watts
Program Power Handling 30 Watts
AES Power Handling 15 Watts
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 90dB
Frequency Response 800Hz-20Khz
Recommended HI Pass Crossover 3.8 KHz
Voice Coil Diameter 0.98
Voice Coil Former Material ASV
Winding Material CCAW
Diaphragm Material Silk
Magnet Material Neodymium
Magnet Weight 14 oz
Body Material ABS
Overall Diameter 2 / 51mm
Overall Depth 1.1"/28.1 mm
Front Mount Baffle Cutout 1.85" x 47 mm
Mounting Depth 0.7 / 18 mm


Passive Crossover Ways 2 Ways
Frequency Crossover 3.2 Khz
Power Handling 300 Watts
Cut Off Slope 12dB /Oct
Tweeter Attenuation 4dB
Capacitor Type Metac Film
Coil Type Inductor
Terminals Type Screw Terminal
Housing Material ABS
Adjustments Tw Att Switch
Extra Features Spk Phase Switch
Overall Length 4./110 mm
Overall Depth 4./110 mm
Overall Height 1.37/35 mm

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